Buy a recycled smartphone: cheaper and greener!

 Do you want a new smartphone but the prices make you hesitate? Let yourself be tempted by a reconditioned device with a warranty. How to choose it well.

Buying your smartphone at half price is possible thanks to the professional second-hand market . The products are cleaned, checked and reconditioned by the dealers or the manufacturers themselves and ready to be marketed under warranty. less risky system than classified ads ! So, more than 2.1 million recycled smartphones were sold in 2018 (GFK figures), why not you? But beware, in the absence of regulation in this market, not all sellers are created equal. 

• Reconditioned smartphone: points to check 

1) The guarantee

The commercial guarantee obligation is a minimum of six months, those which offer more are to be preferred. 

2) Watch out for the battery

Battery wear is counted in charge cycles. To be safe, choose a dealer that displays a battery capacity of 80% minimumSome, like Apple, offer refurbished devices with new batteries. You can examine the battery status on Apple devices (models after iPhone 6) yourself by looking in the settings. Select “battery,” then “battery status” to read its remaining capacity.

Android devices do not provide access to this information. They will have to be tested quickly in order to return them to the dealers if the battery does not keep its promises.

• Resellers of recycled and refurbished smartphones

Apple: 1-year warranty (Apple product only)

Your old smartphones are still valuable, don't let them sleep in the back of a drawer. Give them away or resell them to companies like HelloZack or Magic RecycleA good deed for the planet that will earn you some money.

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