How to insert a handwritten signature in an electronic document? - 2021 Editing Works

 Do you want to embed your signature for a Word document or a PDF? Here is how to do it.

You can sign a Word document or a PDF. The method differs a little depending on the software that opens on your computer at the same time as your PDF. Here we give you the explanation for the free software Acrobat Reader 2020.

  • Click the Sign menu in the toolbar, then click-> Add signature. You can choose between Type, to write in a handwritten font, Trace , to write with the mouse on the screen, or Image , to insert a photo of your autograph from the computer. Check the Save signature box, click Apply.
  • Your signature is available in the Sign menu. You can select it and drop it wherever you want.

In Word, the easiest way is to sign on white paper, then scan or take a photo of the autograph to insert it into a document by dragging it from the desktop.

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