Memorize your favorite sites on the internet

 Would you like to easily find an internet page or a site that you visit regularly? You can memorize them by adding them to your favorites.

On PC, with the Chrome browser, you can organize your favorite pages to keep them in memory. On Firefox, the word Favorites is replaced by Bookmarks and in Safari, by Bookmarks, but the procedures are quite similar. The manipulation is also possible on Mac with Safari.

• Add a favorite on Chrome

Launch Chrome and go to a site that you want to memorize (news site, messaging, On the right in the address bar, click on the little star which turns blue. This means that the site is placed in your FavoritesYour sites are displayed below the address bar. If you have a lot of them, you can find them by clicking on the quotes located under the star, or at the top right in the menu then Favorites.  

• Rename a favorite 

The names of pages that are saved in favorites are often very long. You can modify them when you memorize them by clicking in the Name box  (here, but for example You can also do this later by right-clicking on your saved favorite, then Edit

Create folders 

By dint of memorizing pages, they accumulate and it quickly becomes difficult to navigate. When you memorize a site, you can save it directly in your favorites bar or classify it in an existing folder by clicking on Folder or create a new one in Others (photo above).

Creating thematic files ( Cooking, for recipes; Notretemps, for health articles, etc.) will make your browsing easier. You can also do this by going to the right column of favorites, then right-clicking Add Folder

• A little order in your favorites

In your favorites list, click on the page you want to move up or down while holding down the mouse to grab it and move it within the list or into a folder.

You can also go to the Favorites menu at the top right, then  Favorites manager to rename, move and organize them in folders. 

Your favorites appear under Chrome's address bar in the order you set. It is therefore important to classify them so that those used daily are displayed first. This favorites bar is activated or deactivated in the Favorites menu, then Show favorites bar.

• Delete a favorite

Do not hesitate to delete pages that are no longer useful to you. Right-click on the favorite then Delete.

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