Smartphone: how to read a QR code?

 Will it be necessary to show a white paw to return to the restaurant or to the cinema? Closed until further notice due to Covid-19, these establishments open to the public could reopen using QR Codes. How does this barcode work?

When they were still open, many restaurants and cafes had put away their traditional paper menus and instead offered to scan a QR code, a square bar code, with your phone. In a few seconds, the menu is displayed on your phone. In anticipation of their reopening, the government would consider relying on this technology to better trace contact cases in the event of infection. But how does it work?

These bar codes are not new, you may have already seen them at the bottom of an information leaflet at the museum, in a magazine, on a bus shelter ... They allow you to obtain more multimedia content or access it directly to an internet page. You don't know how to read these QR codes ( Quick Response Code) Follow the leader! 

• Via the camera: the easiest

Do you have a recent iPhone (2017) or an Android phone (version 9 minimum)? The manipulation will only take a few seconds and no need to go through an application. 

  • Open your built-in camera and take a look at the barcode. A notification inviting you to go to a web page is displayed, click and the menu opens automatically. It's up to you to choose your dish!

• Via an application

If your smartphone's camera cannot read these small codes, download a free application, for example " QR Code Reader " (on Google Play) or QR Code or QR Code Scanner on iOs. 

Once downloaded, just open the app to scan the code as if to take a photo. 

On Android, if the Google Assistant (the equivalent of Siri on iOs) is built into your device (long-press the home button on the phone to check if it launches), you can read a QR code by opening the camera icon (via the Google Lens feature). 

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