Spotify, Deezer ... How to listen to music online?

 Thanks to "streaming" and online listening platforms, you can listen to your favorite music on your smartphone, whenever you want. Spotify, Deezer, Qobuz ... which one to choose?

Would you like to listen to a song you heard on the radio again or explore the album of a recently discovered artist ? With an internet connection, all music, new or older, is available on demand through streaming. Like Netflix for series, music can be listened to on an application or on the site of providers such as Spotify, Deezer, Qobuz or even Apple Music . A legal system that respects copyright and remunerates rights holders.

Free or paid depending on the plans , these platforms offer different services. You can buy albums , buy a single song, create thematic playlists or subscribe to those offered by other users. You also easily access selections of podcasts .

If you opt for the free versions , they will not allow you to download the titles to listen to them without an internet connection. You will also have advertisements inserted regularly between two songs and in the application. A paid account will allow you to create several profiles in a family so that everyone can personalize playlists. It's up to you to try! 

our selection 

1) Spotify: The widest offer

spotify.pngSwedish Spotify is the best-known music streaming service. It offers a wide choice of international artists with an offer of more than 60 million titles ! You will of course find the French singers of today and yesterday ... and even classical. It is clearly the richest offer that allows you to make playlists of all kinds.

Price: Free version or from € 9.99 / month.

The +: More than 2.2 million podcasts in all languages

Download from App Store or Google Play

2) Deezer:

deezer.pngAlthough offering a very rich catalog of more than 56 million titles, Deezer assumes its French status by offering beautiful selections from the French and European scene with many new releases, concerts, as well as partnerships with festivals ... L the use of the service is very simple with many sections allowing you to focus on your favorite artists or discover new talents. Deezer offers a HiFi service if necessary for a more upscale listening quality.

Price: Free version or from € 9.99 / month

The +: A large choice

Download from App Store or Google Play

3) Apple Music: the most convenient for Apple users

applemusic.pngApple Music offers a catalog of 70 million songs. One of its strengths is its perfect integration into the Apple ecosystem and the ability to download your entire music library which will be available even without an internet connection on all your Apple devices, including in CarPlay compatible cars.

Price: from € 4.99 / month

The +: A simple, clear and well-organized interface that encourages discovery.

Download at

4) Qobuz: The best sound

qobuz.pngCreated in 2007 by the French, Qobuz offers more than 60 million titles but it is especially renowned for its catalog offered in a very superior audio quality. Indeed, among its competitors, most music is in MP3 quality but Qobuz offers titles in CD or 24-bit Hi-Res quality, even more high-end. Thin ears will appreciate the difference especially if the listening is done on a good audio system or with a good headset .

Price: from € 14.99 / month

The +: Qobuz also allows you to buy music permanently. 

Download from App Store or Google Play

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