What are the most commonly used passwords in the world and which should be avoided? If yours is on this list, it is urgent to change it ...

In 2020, as in 2019, the password most used by Internet users around the world is ... 123456A code that is ultra-easy to remember but absolutely ineffective in protecting personal data online. The same goes for the rest of this ranking established by WordPress, a password manager.

If any of your passwords are on or similar to this list, it's time to change them ... 

• The list of passwords to avoid

- 123456

For cybercriminals, these simplified codes are a breeze to find: with a so-called "dictionary" attack , they just have to try all the simplistic combinations and words contained in common dictionaries

How do I choose a secure password?

Mailbox, Facebook, online administration ... The first rule is to choose a different password for all your accountsA bit of a tedious exercise, but one that will prove invaluable in the event of an attack on one of your accounts. 

Your password must contain at least 8 characters, including at least three different from the existing 4 ( upper case, lower case, numbers, and special characters ). 

It is also recommended not to choose a password directly related to you , for example, your name or your date of birth. 

The National Commission for Informatics and Liberties (Cnil) advises mnemonic means to imagine sufficiently reliable ones:

Keep only the first letters of words in a sentence, punctuation, and write the numbers in letters.

Thus, "  User of Internet has very e n  v aut two "  matches the password 1Ud'Iaev2

• Where to keep them? 

Do not collect all your passwords in a text file stored on your computer.

- Do not send your passwords to your e-mail box either. 

- When you create an online account, delete the messages in your inbox containing the passwords you have created (same when you use the "forgotten password" option). 

- If this is very practical on a daily basis, do not check the box "remember my password"  when you connect online. 

The best way to keep your passwords is to write them down in a paper notebook ...