WhatsApp: change the wallpaper of your chats

 Photo, color ... Customize the wallpaper of messages exchanged with your loved ones on the application

Are you using the WhatsApp messaging app to chat with your grandchildren, friends, or colleagues? A simple trick allows you to change the wallpaper of your messages. The opportunity to put a little cheerfulness in your phone! 

In the app, go to Settings or Settings (bottom right) ->  Discussions-> Wallpaper . You have several options: 

  • Draw an image from your phone's wallpaper collection
  • Change color 
  • Choose one of your photos from your album
  • By default, find the initial background of the application (Android)

When you have chosen, select the background then click on "Define"The same wallpaper will be applied to all of your chats.

Good to know: If the wallpapers offered by your phone do not suit you, you will find a wide selection on Pinterest

To use them, you just have to "download as" with the right click of the mouse. It is then found in your photo album

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