Which antivirus should you choose to protect your computer?

 Your computer can be the target of hackers, especially with the online shopping boom. Fortunately, it is easy to protect yourself effectively against viruses. Discover our selection of the best free or paid antiviruses.

Faced with various threats, a simple antivirus is insufficient today to secure your computer. You need broader protection: an anti-virus that can also manage your passwords and prevent you from spam (spam or unwanted emails). Our tips to help you choose the right one for you.

• What threats are targeting your computer?

  • Viruses: A virus is a malicious program capable of infecting computers through networks. They can be hidden in emails, software or on the internetThe most dangerous can cripple a computer.
  • Phishing: these are fake emails that attempt to impersonate known companies or organizations, your bank, health insurance or taxes, for example, in order to extract money from you or information.
  • Ransomware: you receive an email threatening to reveal confidential information to your entire address book , or to completely block your computer. This is usually wrong and the best protection is to regularly back up the contents of your computer and protect it with a strong password.

I have a Mac, do I need an antivirus? Yes, if you are using a Mac device, you will also need computer protection like everyone else!

And on smartphones? Smartphones and tablets are mini-computers that are also targets of hackers. The protections sometimes include a version for smartphones in addition to your computer.

Open your eyes!

  • If in doubt about a suspicious attachment or link, don't click!
  • If a friend asks you for money by email because he is in trouble, pick up your phone to confirm this with him, there is little chance that this is true!
  • Back up your computer's content to the Cloud or to an external hard drive, or both!
  • Protect access to your computer with a strong password
  • Beware of open and free wifi networks
  • Never give out your bank codes
  • Keep all the software on your computer up to date

• Our selection of antivirus

1) Avast Free Antivirus: The Free Solution 


In addition to the classic anti-virus and anti-phishing features, Avast offers a browser with "banking mode" to protect online purchases and a password manager. It also includes a scanner that auscultates the status of your network and checks for updates to your software. The only downside is that it is free, you will experience recurring advertisements for other paid Avast solutions .

The + : it's free!

Where to download it for free: www.avast.com

2) Norton Antivirus Plus: the most effective against viruses, easy to use


This solution has a 100% virus protection rate. It also incorporates anti-ransomware, a password manager and a firewall to monitor communications between your computer and other computers.

The +: A space of 2GB of storage in the cloud to save your data

Price: from € 14.99 per year with a 2-year commitment

3) Eset Internet Security: the solution for Android computers and smartphones


This antivirus is also anti-ransomware, anti-phishing and anti-spam. It incorporates a firewall, protects your webcam from intrusions and your internet banking data. The purchase includes protection on Android smartphones.

The +: You can geolocate your computer in the event of loss or theft

Price : from 49.96 € per year

4) Bitdefender Internet Security: the most complete solution for Windows


This comprehensive security suite protects against viruses, phishing, and phishing. It also offers a firewall, a digital safe to store important documents, a VPN and a password manager.

The + : incorporates specific protection for online purchases

Price : from € 29.99 per year

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