Have you ever wondered how the location of the keys on computer keyboards was thought about? The answer is as simple as it is logical and will allow you to shine by flaunting your knowledge!

The QWERTY keyboard inherited from the typewriter

This will surprise more than one, and it's one of the anecdotes that you can always bring out in the evening to show off your knowledge, but the concept of the AZERTY keyboard actually dates back to 1898, the year of the machine's invention. to write. Behind this invention, which is, in fact, the ancestor of the computer, we find one man, in particular, Christopher Latham Sholes. He was the one who actually arranged the letters in that order ... and for a practical reason! The answer is in two words: buffer hammers. It is about these articulated arms which came to fall on the paper so that the letter is inscribed.

For Latham Sholes, such a layout is simply thought out so that the pads do not overlap, because when quickly pressing two keys, it was common to see the pad hammers collide and jam. Latham Scholes has therefore redistributed the letters of the keyboard so that the most frequently used keys are far from each other ... this is how the Qwerty was born! If today it is possible to switch easily between qwerty and azerty , it is this provision that is found in large majority throughout the world.

The AZERTY keyboard is the subject of debate

Fortunately, like Asterix and his friends ( who will return soon in an animated series ), a people of irreducible Gauls have decided to have their own specificity, hence the famous AZERTY. Again, the layout has been designed to move away from the more frequently used keys. However, this arrangement is far from flawless, like the K and Q keys which create controversy because of their central position, where more practical letters are crammed at the bottom of the keyboard. Not to mention the U grave accent which has its own touch while only one word uses the U grave accent in French. We'll let you find that word ...

A new keyboard format, the Geko

But the future is already here and, like Sony, which is about to revolutionize the joystick, keyboards are also about to change. In April 2019, a new keyboard called "voluntary standard NF Z71-300" was presented. 2 distinct models emerge the Geko and an improved Azerty!

For the first, the letters most frequently used in the French language are placed in the middle of the keyboard, which makes it possible to limit the efforts of our little fingers and thus muscle fatigue. Indeed, when you type on an AZERTY keyboard, the left-hand does the ¾ of the job, because the most used letters are on the left of the keyboard. As for the second model, the placement of the letters does not change, but accents and new symbols such as hashtags and at-sign are easier to access