Bloody RT7 Wireless Gaming Mouse - 2021 Review

 One of the Best companies producing great Gaming Mouse is BLOODY 

In this SulefaTech Post I will Show you Bloody  RT7 Wireless Gaming Mouse Specs, and my review.

RT7 Wireless Gaming Mouse

                                    SPEED      PRECISION     CONTROL     POWER

This mouse has an amazing grip. 

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Its core features are:
1. Armor Boot 
2. Gaming Precision (4000 CPI)
3. Wireless Guard 5 Technology
4. Ergonomic Design
5. Extreme Core 4 

Other Features:

1. Exclusive Wireless Guard 5 Technology:
            This feature guards your mouse signals beyond the wired mouse.

2. 6 Sniper Modes:
            This feature gives you instant upgrade sniping techniques by applying 6 powerful sniping modes. Each mode for each different game. You can use each mode for each game separately and according to your desire.

3. Rechargeable Lithium Battery:
            This is very impressive thing come with it "THE Lithium Battery Capacity of 600mAh", as this Battery is best for wireless mouse but you have to change it when it runs low. But with rechargeable lithium battery, not only you gets the great battery time out of this battery but also fast and easily rechargeable, so you don't need to go out to get another battery for your mouse.

4. Anti-Interference Wireless Extension Dock:
            This feature gives you easiness to use mouse and play game without any lag, assure zero lag and protects mouse effectively from other interference sources.


    Memory of mouse:                    160K
    Acceleration speed:                   20g
    Frame Speed:                            6666fps
    Max. Resolution:                      4000CPI
    Keys Response:                        1ms
    Infrared Wheel:                        More than 2 Million Scrolls
    Tracking-Speed:                        60ips
    Image Processing:                     2.41M pixels per sec
    Metal X Glide Armor's Boot:    Over 300 K ms
    Infrared Micro Switch:             More than 20 million clicks
    Report Rate:                              125 to 500 Hz
    Type of mouse:                          Wireless
    Sensor of mouse:                      Optical Engine
    Connector:                                USB (2.0 /  3.0)
    System Requirements:              Windows XP /  Vista /  7 /  8  / 8.1  /  10 or later

Product Size:

By my opinion, none of the Bloody Gaming Mouse is wroth saying "it maybe have some fault". All designs or models are way, great from previous. But RT7's design is extraordinary unique and amazing and perfect for gaming. Comment down below your opinion.

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