Bloody Q81 NEON X' GLIDE GAMING MOUSE - Gaming Mouse 2021

 Bloody Q81 is a budget gaming mouse for you. 

Bloody Q81 comes with three design:

1. Q81 Curve 

2. Q81 Circuit  

3. Q81 Black 

This mouse is very comfortable and easy gripped. Its price is 2800 PKR. 
It Contains 8 Buttons. 2 Side Buttons, 3 Buttons for controlling RGB and Maximizing or Minimizing RGB.
Bloody Q81 contains neon X glide RGB, that is very cool.

Bloody Q81 mouse Grip is showing below:

Whenever you want to go with bloody 
The Bloody Q81 is most affordable in price and a very good startup.

Armor boot- x’ float seasoned metal mouse pads

Durable, sensitive, frictionless. Glides 20% quicker. Sustain lens running distance. Quality remains after 300Km of abrasion check.
  • Neon Backlit
  • 3200 CPI Adjustable
  • 2 side Buttons
  • Braided Cable
Braided Cable:
Sensitive and tangle-unfastened cable affords sturdiness.

Button Lifetime:
Severe exceptional offer over 10 Million clicks guaranteed.

3 Neon lights results:
One click to exchange between three sorts of lights results ( Neon/ respiratory/strong) for non-public desire.

2 Thumb facet Buttons:
The 4th and fifth thumb side buttons are preset as backward and forward functions. In game-play, it'll be the functions of the game settings.

3200 CPI Adjustable:
Adjustable decision 500/1000/1200/1600/2000/3200 CPI.

TECH specifications
    Sensor:                                     AVAGO A3050 Gaming Engine
    Decision:                                  500/1000/1200/1600/2000/3200 CPI
    Image Processing:                   2.41M Pixels/sec
    Frame velocity:                       6,666 fps
    Acceleration:                           20 g
    Monitoring pace:                    60 ips
    File price:                                125 Hz/sec
    Key response:                          1 ms
    Button Lifetime:                      10 Million Clicks
    Steel X’ float Armor Boot:      300 Kms
    Gadget necessities:                  windows XP/Vista7/ eight/eight.1/10

Metal X'Glide Armor Boot

Armor Boot put off friction on nearly any floor for smoother motions, precise cursor actions and improved accuracy.

Braided Cable

Touchy and tangle-free cable gives durability.

Button Lifetime

Severe fine quality offer over 10 Million clicks

3 Neon Lightning Effects

One click to switch between 3 kinds of lighting effects 
(Neon/Breathing/Solid) for personal preference.

2 Thumb Side Buttons

The 4th and 5th thumb side buttons are preset as backward (back) and forward (next) functions.
In game-play, it'll be the functions of the sport settings.

Changeable 3200 CPI

Changeable resolution from 500 to 1000 to 1200 to 1600 to 2000 and max to 3200 CPI

Size of Product

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